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  • 07/01/2017
    Royce Hall at UCLA - Westwood / Los Angeles, CA
  • 07/28/2017
    Stars International Festival 2017 - Jamaica, West Indies
  • 08/26/2017
    Soul Funk Jazz Summer Festival & Crab Feast - Ft. Washington, MD


Record Label

Multi Platinum Record Entertainment / Sony Records


Klymaxx' newly released single on 4/1/17:

"Love Me"


Mother's Day Alma Mater:

"4 Woman"

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MPRE/Sony's song picks of


The Best Of KLYMAXX ft. Cheryl Cooley


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"Music Endures"


The R&B all female funk band KLYMAXX is KLYMAXXTIC!  Still going strong their music is a staple on the radio and in dance clubs around the world.  Belting out hits like, “The Men All Pause” and “Meeting in the Ladies Room” the group’s name is synonymous with classic women’s anthems.   Their beautiful ballad,  “I Miss You”, was Billboard Magazine’s #3 song of 1986 and still to this day is played when love is in the air.  Continuing into the 90's with the #4 R&B hit, "Good Love" followed by their sultry sexy Neo-Soul groove entitled, "Private Party" showed evident that they could flow with the changing music trends.

Much of the group’s success can be credited to Cheryl Cooley, Co-founder and original member.    She has personally nurtured the group’s unique sound by overseeing the infusion of 80’s/90's funk with a modern swag. 

Her enthusiasm and vision have transformed KLYMAXX into a leaner meaner entity producing live music that delivers dynamic vocals and uncompromised grooves.

These ladies are serious about entertaining their fans and continuing with the KLYMAXX legacy.

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